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January 19, 2016
Coolsculpting VS Other Fat Loss Technologies
January 21, 2016
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CoolSculpting VS Fake Fat Reduction Technologies


REVOLUTIONARY: CoolSculpting vs. Fake Fat Reduction Technologies

(Learn of the UNTOLD TRUTH about Fat Removal Solutions)

Hyped Fat Removal Techniques VERSUS Excess Fat Pockets on Your Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs and Other Areas of Your Body Only Frustrate You Because They ALL FALL SHORT OF THEIR PROMISES.

The Proven SOLUTION is FINALLY Here!

Are You Trying to Find That Surefire Fat Loss Treatment to Get Rid of Problem Excess Fat Areas? Often Traditional Diets and Even Hardcore Exercises On Their Own Do Not Serve the Purpose. They Are Ineffective in Helping You Get That Aesthetically Pleasing Body Contour You Have Been Dreaming for Years Now.

The Unacceptable (Far From Expectations) Truth,

There are many fat removal technologies around. While some of them work, they don’t give lasting results.

One thing or another, they just give temporary cellulite or fat reduction.

The Truth is because they don’t eliminate the fat cells that store fat and cause stubborn fat appearance for good.

There are people who have tried ANY or MOST of them but achieved little to no fat loss in the END.

What they get is a fake fat loss map that only brought them into the wrong path of depression, resulting to more fat accumulation due to stress that make them go back to their bad, old habits of indulging into comfort food, including sweets and junk food and going back to a lack of physical activities.

We don’t blame them.

All they want is a permanent fat loss solution that they have been PROMISED in the beginning…

….that they have been made to believe by the so-called fat loss gurus that just crashed into their desperation and frustration to do and follow just about anything they were told about to lose fat.

Friends, the Internet is full of Fakes and Liars who taking advantage of these patients who only wanted nothing but remove excess body fat and real results from the investment of effort, money and time they have put into these fat reduction techniques.

And then, there are people who are made to believe that weight loss is the same as fat loss.

THIS is a flat out lie!

Weight loss isn’t fat loss. These are two different things.

While you may lose weight through diets and exercises, the reality is that you lose weight, but you don’t lose fat.

How is that? Let’s explain it further.

Well, weight loss techniques may help you lose weight, something used by overweight people who want to reach their ideal weight.

But the hard to accept principle behind it is that weight loss does not help you lose fat.

Do you know why?

Weight loss methodologies, including fad diets, resistance training and high-intensity interval training and so on, only help you shed weight.

But the bleak reality: FAT CELLS are STILL There. You know what this means?

You will gain weight the moment you lose control –going back to your poor lifestyle, including bad food choices, composed of salty and sweet food, fast food and preserved food… to being inconsistent with recommended physical activity…to not following special instructions by your fitness coach…

Yes, that’s right.

But then, if you would lose fat, it’s a different thing. In fact, there are fat reduction methods currently on the market, the reason we’re writing this for you.

And then, there are surgeons who don’t tell the truth about fat removal devices they use for the fear of losing $$$! They don’t disclose the fact that some patients may not be suitable for those fat removal techniques, including the use of a vast range of devices.

Another is that there are fake fat removal devices for sale on TV shopping channels and online stores. And to tell you, these products are very tempting with a cheap tag price. So who wouldn’t be TEMPTED TO BUY AND TRY? Well, the hype, hype, hype (yes, three times for better emphasis) behind these so-called market products are all nothing but scams—made by fly by night makers who aren’t even accredited nor recognized in the dermatology/plastic surgery industry.

And then let’s not skip the fact that there are dangerous and risky fat loss removal procedures, not mentioning most are invasive and/or heat-operated, which patients opt for to get rid of stubborn fat all over their bodies (thighs, legs, abdomen, stomach…), thinking these might be the HOLY GRAIL TO LOSE FAT.

FINALLY, there are unapproved fat removal devices on the market right now that put patients in danger of complications. As a result, some of them suffered from burns, bruising, and infections, to name some, and then scarred for life.

Complications Are Not Worth the Risk, Friends.

…That is the very reason you should study your options well and trust only the experts

..That is why you need to do your homework and COMPARE each fat loss removal technique out there prior to getting yourself a procedure, let’s say.

…That is the same reason as a patient you must be very careful in choosing the BEST FAT REMOVAL technology.



A non-invasive fat loss procedure freezing excess fat cells causing them to die and to be eliminated through the natural lymphatic processes of the body, CoolSculpting, from ZELTIQ, is by far the BEST AND MOST OUTSTANDING FAT REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY EVER.

It has been proven by thousands of patients who are raving of the results they got in as little as one to two treatments.

You Might Be Asking, “How Is CoolSculpting Different from Other Technologies?”

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure using the cooling principle behind Cryolipolysis that works by freezing fat cells and causing them to die and to be eliminated via the body’s natural processes.

With the cold’s effects, which fat cells cannot stand, fat cells start dying and becoming eliminated out the body.

CoolSculpting vs. Generic, Counterfeit Devices

Sad to say, there are many generic, fake fat reduction cooling devices out on the market.

In fact, we, too, once had some of these fat freezing technologies (before getting 10 CoolSculpting devices in our clinics).

The results, to tell you, were below standard.

In fact, these fat freezing devices also come with serious complications, including the DREADED Cryo blisters and burns, which aren’t worth the complications.

Many of These Cheap, Replicated Fat-Freezing Devices Were From China and Korea.

The Problem is that many of these were employed in cheap beauty centers and salons all over Asia and the world.

To tell you straight, they don’t care of your welfare or safety, but of the $$$.

Don’t be fooled and become the next victim.

Needless to say, CoolSculpting, the real ones, is by far the most effective and safest fat reduction technology on the market right now. And to start right, choose Only Aesthetics for Coolsculpting.

Why believe us…

We have 10 genuine CoolSculpting devices in our center; all these come from ZELTIQ, the maker of this real deal fat loss reduction technology, that don’t sell their devices to unlicensed clinics and practitioners.

We are the largest aesthetic and beauty group in the country that first introduced CoolSculpting and treated satisfied patients who have tried it.

With us, you’re in safety.

We Believe Every Patient Deserves ONLY the Best and the Original Fat-Freezing Technology.

CoolSculpting is the No.1 Fat Reduction Technology EVER.

It delivers results in as little as one to two sessions.

And when you get it from us, you can rest assured our medical technologists are trained by the CoolSculpting University itself…meaning no guesswork…no “leave to destiny sort of results” waiting for you!


By getting CoolSculpting from us, you can achieve peace of mind, considering that RESULTS can differ by up to 78 percent, as compared to having the procedure done by someone not trained by the CoolSculpting University.

Sound therapy and special massage from CoolSculpting does not only reduce stubborn fat but it also improves blood circulation and lymphatic drain system, which may help in eliminating not only fat cells but also toxins out your body—FAST!

Plus—we specialized in CoolSculpting treatment, making us in demand among patients in Singapore and in the world.

See body-sculpting results after just the first session!

(*Results may vary from individual to individual.)

We are experienced and trained to assess what your body needs and how much fat should be removed off it.

We can increase results by up to 78 percent not only because we’re using the real deal devices but also because we’re one of the trained clinics to perform CoolSculpting treatments.

While cheap fat reduction procedures out there might save you bucks in every session, not getting optimal results is of high chances, too.

With ONLY, you will get what you deserve, while at the same time help you achieve that contoured body at a reasonable price.

So friends, ladies, and gentlemen, if you are looking to treat those excess body fats with CoolSculpting and aim for nothing but the best results, there is no time left to think twice, procrastinate and remain in the dark. Book your appointment with Coolsculpting by Only Aesthetics today!

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