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January 21, 2016
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Coolsculpting – CoolMax


CoolMax by CoolSculpting: What to Know 

CoolSculpting fat removal has been around since 2010, being the only FDA-approved fat freeze treatment for cellulite reduction and body contouring. It works best in eliminating stubborn fat, which does not go away with conventional methods, including diets and exercises. If you’re one of those who’ve been dreaming of achieving a great body and looking great from every angle, then you might want to know one of the most innovative products from ZELTIQ, the maker behind CoolSculpting. This time around, it’s about CoolMax! Read on and find out more in today’s post.

What Is CoolMax Fat Freeze Procedure?

It works just like CoolSculpting against stubborn fat, which doesn’t respond to traditional methods. For what ZELTIQ is known for in the body contouring treatment sphere, the treatment is non-invasive, but which results are immediately noticeable and proven by over thousands of men and women from around the world.

CoolMax freeze fat treatment is also called a de-bulking treatment, being it used for patients who want to de-bulk a localized area before sculpting it. This applicator is proven effective and safe for all types of patients who want to regain a great body appearance.

But in terms of size, CoolMax is the largest applicator by CoolSculpting, resulting in a large pulling off a substantial amount of fat tissue for clients who want large amounts of fat deposits removed from their bodies. What happens during this body sculpting procedure is that a patient is de-bulked before a medical technologist retreats with one of the smaller CoolSculpting applicators to start with body contouring.

CoolMax for getting rid of cellulite covers the most ground, which is why it works so perfect for volume reduction. The systematic process involved using it for volume reduction and then a smaller applicator for contouring leads to an efficient and proven fat reduction results in as little as one session, making a patient extremely happy and satisfied.


Which Body Areas CoolMax Cellulite Treatment Is Used For?

As said, the applicator is the largest of them all, and it is understood, it targets larger fat regions of the body, including love handles and the lower and upper abdomen. It works so effectively that it focuses on a larger body part to get rid of fatty deposits; thus, a patient also saves much time in getting this procedure for body sculpting.

Who Are Ideal Candidates for CoolMax Body Contouring Treatment?

  • Individuals who want to get rid of large volume of fat in their bodies
  • Those who don’t want to go under the knife to achieve their dream physique
  • Those who are sick and tired of ineffective diets and exercises versus fat

Definitely, this non-invasive, effective and timesaving cellulite treatment is by far one of the best innovations from ZELTIQ Aesthetics, and it is also one of the safest around. If you want to get the best results from this fat reduction treatment, make sure to choose a ZELTIQ-trained clinic that has a complete range of CoolSculpting applicators and trained medical technologists.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a free assessment and consultation and start getting rid of cellulite at the Coolsculpting Aesthetics today!

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